Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church

720 West 13th Street - Newton, North Carolina  28658

Church - 828-464-9207  *  Holy Family Hall - 828-465-2878


Rev. James M. Collins, Pastor
Rev. Mr. Scott D. Gilfillan, Deacon


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St. Joseph's Good Samaritan Clinic in Holy Family Hall


     Saturdays: Doors open at 9AM and the first 20 patients will be seen

       Fee:  $5.00     All donations gratefully accepted.

        We offer medical services to those who do not have a primary physician.


We are not set up to offer any of the following:

* prenatal services

* immunizations

* school physicals

* assistance filling out any legal forms

* lab work


 Volunteer Opportunities For Clinic

- Hispanic Translators : Call Carmen Morales at 828 291-1553 or

                                    Miguel Carraballo at 828 320-1120 if you are willing to help translate.

- Medical personnel: Call 828 328-9126 if you are willing to share your time.